Top 3 most popular kayaking sections on Soča river? (insider tips)

Overview of the sections of Soča river

Soča river offers some of the best sections of whitewater in the Alps. Whether you are looking for easy, one time beginner experience (Kayaking to secret spots on Soča river), an exclusive Family Calm Water kayaking training, Advanced Whitewater kayaking training or Extreme Whitewater kayaking training course, Soča has it all! From WW1 to WW5.


Let`s start with section perfect for beginers and private family river trips! We start in Čezsoča, next to the main road bridge on river left (always looking to direction of river flow when positioning yourself). Whitewater is perfect for the first contact with river! No dangerous rocks or siphons on this section.  Since river is easy you can choose different vessels to enjoy the river: , K-2 (kayak double) – on the picture below the top right orange kayak, mini raft (also called duckie) – raft for two adults and a guide and last but not least regular whitewater kayak. (on the picture three red WW kayaks on the left side of picture).

SOT (sit on top) kayak which is not covered and is more stable option to begin kayaking with
K-2 (kayak double) – on the picture below the top right orange kayak
mini raft (also called duckie) – raft for two adults and a guide (bottom of picture)
regular whitewater kayak (on the picture, three red WW kayaks on the left side of picture).

Since there are so many options, no worries, we’ll find a solution which will suit your family, friends or spouse best! Time on the river flies and in less than two hours of continuous easy paddling Boka waterfall is reached. This section is being changed every season after floods and offers superb views of Bovec basin, surounded by magnificent Julian Alps.

That’s also exact scenes from the movie Chronicles of Narnia (the one with the wooden bridge). Did you know that Boka waterfall’s height is more than 100 meters, and that’s the waterfall with the highest flow during snowmelt or after heavy rain? If you want more, you can continue all the way to Srpenica1 which is about half an hour away and serves as an optional take out point for beginners` courses and trips. The river is wide, rapids easy to negotiate and eddies are big.

Beginners section between Čezsoča and Boka waterfall
Section from Boka to Srpenica1 offers some balance challenges as well, SOT is more stable than regular WW kayak – however still quite unstable – try it!
In the morning, Srpenica 1 put in/take out is perfect joga point (before it gets too crowded by bigger groups of rafters and kayakers)
Larger boulers offer adventurous jumping off them into turquise coloured Soča river – perfect kayak Soča river break

Section 2: SRPENICA 1 – TRNOVO 1

That one is without a doubt the most popular section on Soča river by far. Kayakers as well as rafters simply love it! Easy access to and out of river, gradually more difficult rapids when you continue downstream makes it perfect playground for advanced kayaking course as well exclusive kayak double (K2) river trip. When you start off in Srpenica 1 river has same character as all the way from Boka waterfall.

White water kayaking foundations and training course is being held on the section between Srpenica1 and Srpenica2. Do you see the rock in the middle of the picture? It`s perfect for “S” turn practice!

The further you kayak, river gets narrower, riverbanks get steeper and all of a sudden you are surounded by stunning canyon. Boulders get bigger and rapids more challenging. Till Srpenica2 (quite strenuous walk in/take out point) difficulty does not exceed WW3 (when the flow is medium high – cca 50m3/s). Below that, river shows alpin character and is constant WW3 with two more challenging rapids (“S” rapid and washing machine rapid) almost at the end of the run.

After quarter of an hour walk downhill from Otona parking you find yourself in a beautiful surrounding of big pool Soča river created – to start kayaking or just to cool down – the choice is yours.

Section 3: OTONA – KOBARID

Best section for advanced white water foundations and training course as well as extreme WW foundations and training course is Otona section.

Starting just after famous Cataract section all the way to Kobarid.

It`s constant WW4/4+ section, starting out hardest and easing down after “the little Cataract” section about one third downstream. If flow is low then it get’s more technical, higher flow means the river will be more pushy. But never boring! It’s a general rule on Soča river true for all sections from WW3 on. 

Start of “the little cataract” section offers some boofing playground which is fun to repeat several times!
… While the last rapid, called “Kobarid stopper” offers perfect play spot with different river flows. FYI it is the biggest stopper of the section.

Summary of the best kayaking sections on Soča river

It doesn’t matter which section you choose, as long as you take into account water level, your knowledge and experiences we can assure you will have an amazing time in superbly unspoiled scenery. If you need local guidance, or want to push your boundaries a bit further in safe hands or just learn how to style some moves on the river, simply choose the course or adventure provides and you’ll be in safe and experienced hands of a professional team.

Kayak Soča – your WW specialist. Paddle with style, paddle with Kayak-Soča! Book the course of a lifetime now!

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