How to get to Bovec (better than Google maps)

Bovec is in a small town 135 km away from the centre of Slovenia. Therefore, you have a choice of many routes, which will all lead you to your destination. Here are 3 outstanding ways to our small heaven on Earth.

Car train from Bohinj

Duration: ⌛⌛⌛
Experience: 😎👀👌🚂🏞️📸

Undoubtedly the most exclusive and easiest way to get to Soča valley is boarding a special train in Bohinjska Bistrica. This town is near Bled (which is definitely a must if your schedule is not filled already). In Bohinjska Bistrica train station, you drive on the wagons with your car and stay in it the whole journey. Sadly, no catering is provided, but you can and should bring snacks of your choice.

The beginning of the ride is a thrilling experience. The train goes into an old tunnel (longest one in Slovenia), everything goes black (make sure to turn off the lights) and the fun begins. After 6327 m the train comes out on the other side of the mountain. Next half an hour will be full of stunning views of Baška Grapa. This is a remote narrow valley with few villages and one railroad. Your ride will finish after you cross a bridge above river Idrijca, which will give you the last sight of Baška Grapa and the first of Soča Valley.

The train stops in Most na Soči where you get back on the road. The route to Bovec is very simple, you just have to follow the valley in the direction of the high peaks of the Alps. If you are not in a hurry, make sure to visit the gorgeous Tolmin gorges, which offer spectacular views of the emerald water. 

You can find car train timetable here:

Vršič pass

Duration: ⌛⌛
Experience: 🏎️🏎️👀👌🏞️📸

Vršič pass is our highest mountain pass (1611 m) and it’s full of history. This scenic road leads you from Kranjska Gora to the Trenta valley, where Soča starts its journey. The road is full of twists and turns which represent a fun challenge to both skilled and unskilled drivers.

But don’t rush over the mountain too quickly, at the halfway point to the top there is a Russian chapel, that was built to commemorate Russian war prisoners, who died while building this steep road. Road was built during WWI and has 50 serpentines, which offer a thrilling driving experience.

 After what seems like all the left and right turns in the world, you drop down into Trenta valley. Road runs beside the Soča river, and if you follow it you cannot miss Bovec (it’s the first town with an airfield). If the first half of the journey was breathtaking and challenging the second half is more relaxed and picturesque.

Before you embark on the journey over Vršič, just check if it is opened (it’s sometimes covered with snow and therefore impassible in late spring). You can do that here:

Predel pass

Duration: ⌛
Experience: 🏎️🏞️🌊📸

Not only is the way to Bovec over Predil pass (Passo del Predil) the quickest it is also the most international. Whereas Vršič and Car train are used more by leisure travellers, this route is used by locals. But don’t think it hasn’t got any panorama.

Like Vršič pass, this route will also lead you through Kranjska Gora, but you will have to continue driving to the boarder with Italy. You will get to a small town of Tarvisio, where you have to turn left to Passo del Predil. If you like driving now is the time to step on gas pedal. Road surface is quite good and the turns are open enough. However, if you are not an adrenaline junkie, don’t worry, Soča valley will wait for everybody.  

Just before you start the last ascent there is beautiful lake. A perfect picnic place in our opinion. Whether you are keen for some history, on the west side of the Lago del Predil (yes, it’s a very innovative name 🙃) an old fortress is located.

Contrary to Vršič this pass is less technical, there are only a few serpentines to overcome. From the top of Predil you drop down into Koritnica valley, this river is a tributary of Soča and (after a couple days with your Kayak Soča instructors) you can kayak on it as well.

Not having your own mean of transportation? Not a problem at all, we have you covered! There is an option of visiting the above-mentioned stunning places with private driver and kayak on Soča river – all in the same day! Check out daily-julian-alps-experience-with-kayaking-to-secret-spots-on-soca-river available on request for private groups.

Last but not least, there are other ways how to get to Bovec Soča valley, here are only three most exciting and adventurous ones. But now that you know how to get us, make sure to check our post on Best time to visit Soča valley.

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