How to White Water Kayaking – The Basics for Beginners

Have you already booked your Kayak course, but you are a beginner and would now like to know the ropes? This is the right place for you. The basic Kayak equipment First and foremost, some special gear is needed. Of course, you will need a kayak and a paddle. The type of those will depend on what kind of kayaking … Read More

How to get to Bovec (better than Google maps)

Bovec is in a small town 135 km away from the centre of Slovenia. Therefore, you have a choice of many routes, which will all lead you to your destination. Here are 3 outstanding ways to our small heaven on Earth. Car train from Bohinj Duration: ⌛⌛⌛Experience: 😎👀👌🚂🏞️📸 Undoubtedly the most exclusive and easiest way to get to Soča valley … Read More

Kayaking in Slovenia: A quick guidebook

Getting ready and planning in advance is a very important and integral part of any successful kayaking trip, expedition or mission! So, what should you think about when getting ready for a kayaking trip to Slovenia?! Slovenia is situated in the heart of Europe. To the north is Austria, to the south is Croatia, to the east is Hungary with … Read More

Adrenaline Present Idea: Kayaking Adventure

Why an adventure is the perfect present? Looking for a gift that will leave them speechless? Look no further than a thrilling kayaking adventure! Give the gift of excitement, exploration, and unforgettable memories, all wrapped up in one incredible experience. Why is a kayaking adventure the perfect present? Let us count the ways: So, why settle for ordinary when you … Read More

Top 3 most popular kayaking sections on Soča river? (insider tips)

Overview of the sections of Soča river Soča river offers some of the best sections of whitewater in the Alps. Whether you are looking for easy, one time beginner experience (Kayaking to secret spots on Soča river), an exclusive Family Calm Water kayaking training, Advanced Whitewater kayaking training or Extreme Whitewater kayaking training course, Soča has it all! From WW1 … Read More